Travel: PARIS Anyone?

I don’t know about y’all but I have always dreamed of going to Paris!

I remember being in my 3rd year high school french class, and “having to” plan a one week trip to France (I know, sooo tragic).

Well fast forward a few years to the other day sitting in my college virology class, when my brother texts me with a link and a short message (you know men) to the effect of “Check this out.” Well let me tell you, I am SO GLAD I did! Apparently Delta is having a bit of a sale. If you fly out of SEA/TAC (Seattle/Tacoma) airport on select days you can get a round trip flight to Charles De Gaulle airport in… you guessed it – Paris, France! I know they are offering deals to many other destinations including Cabo Mexico, and the Netherlands. I linked Delta’s website below. Check it out and let me know where you are going – Have fun and please be safe.

*I am in no way paid by or affiliated with Delta Airlines

*Beautiful Photography:×1200.html


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