A Perfect Passport Picture – The FIRST Time



Hate your passport picture?

Or are you like me and still need to get on that one? Well I’ve done my research, and have a few things to share to help you get a perfect passport photo. Let’s get going!


  • Must have a white background
  • Photo must be taken in a well light area (no dark or fuzzy pictures)
  • No bangs that covers the eyes (face should be easily distinguishable)
  • Zoom is EXTREMELY important! You should have space above your head,  have your full face, as well as your neck, and collarbone/ shoulder area visible (think driver’s license, the funny picture above shows proper zoom as well!)
  • Centering. Your head and body must be centered in the photo – this means even your head (no head tilting allowed here, obvious image above does NOT pass this one).
  • No glare – if you wear glasses take them off for the picture
  • Photo needs to be high quality
  • No under or overexposing here

What to wear:

  • If a women- simple makeup
  • Blue generally photographs well (depending on the quality of your photo this might be a “must wear” color for your picture!)

You can take your own photo or get your photo taken basically anywhere with a photo center! Using a photo center usually insures that you will get the right photo. This option is well worth your consideration! Waaay more simple and it increases your chances of getting your photo right – the first time!

I linked some useful sites below! Have more questions or advice? Please share – we’d love to hear from you!

Official Website

Tips from Vogue

Best wishes everyone!! 😀





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