I always say “god didn’t make cookie cutter people, because  he didn’t need a cookie cutter.” I believe that though God molds us via his commandments (which are in place for our success and happiness), he never expected them to turn us into one cookie cutter person.

Science also teaches this principle! Even though we as humans share over 99% of the same genes
we don’t look, think, or act  in the same ways. I am sure that if God wanted, he could’ve arranged human evolution so that each person looked like “grey blobs of sameness” – but thankfully he did not do so!!

The Lord teaches us to become “even as [he] is” (John 17:16, 3 Nephi 27:27, plus others), but perhaps he didn’t only give us unique gifts to make the world a more fascinating place, but in order to find the strength to choose the right paths – so that we could to become like him.

I found astock-photo-feet-and-two-arrows-painted-on-an-asphalt-road-329573831 video this morning on that shared a message about the terrifying journey that some – fortunate enough to flee out of East Germany  (during World War II) were forced to take, to save themselves and their families. It is absolutely inspiring!

Check out this link for more info! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!!

Choosing the right path – WWII Video



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