Follow up!!

I hope you didn’t think I had forgotten about the challenge?? Here’s a breakdown of what I did… and (uhmm) what I didn’t do:

December 1st:

sad-puppyThought about how I could help someone on campus or in my apartment complex… buuut that was it.

(I’ll do better!)

(sad dog face… just to bring home the point!).



December 2nd:

I think I made up my lack of service yesterday, today!

1. A friend of mine without a car asked if I would drive her to pick up some food for dinner. Just to give you an idea of what we are dealing with down here, it is snowy and below freezing. I am always happy to drive people (I remember the days here without a car… it was rough to say the least!) and so of course I did so.

2.  My apartment manager emailed my apartment today and asked if we would be “secret movie-admission-boothsantas” for an apartment in our complex having a rough time. Of course I am ALL ABOUT secret “santaing.” After finishing the email, I began sending out frantic texts to my roommates, amongst collaboration, I learned that some were a step ahead, and planning to bring Christmas cookies to the apartment the next day. Well knowing that I would’ve done well to do an act of service (above and beyond the usual) I searched my brain and room for ideas as to what I could do that night (why wait, right?).

my beautiful Christmas cards (they are Thomas Kinkade – love them!) and a ticket to an amazing Christmas concert for the weekend, I knew what I needed to do! I wrote a Christmas card and gave them my ticket to the performance.

I know asking the apartment if anyone went to the concert would… well you know, break the whole “secretive” part of being a secret Santa, but I REALLY want to know!

December 3rd:

Helped a friend having a rough day.

If you’ve been a student you know how it is… sometimes no matter how hard and dedicated we are, we just don’t quite manage to keep every ball perfectly in the air.

I appreciated her trusting me enough to ask for my help!

More to come! I will be postinchristmas-1468260500gvxg every week. Please share what you are doing to make the season count – have a great week 😀




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