Get the Look – “Ugly” Christmas Sweaters!


Do ugly Christmas sweaters actually have to be ugly?I certainly don’t think so!!

These little numbers aren’t only ADORABLE but they are also comfortable, budget friendly, and just fun! Heads up though, the “jingle bells” aren’t messing around! Every time you move you will “jingle.” Regardless, I loved my Santa suit!

Want to get the look? We got each pair of leggings and sweater dresses at… WetSeal!! I hadn’t been there in yeeaaarrs! But it was worth our looking into. Currently at WetSeal every Christmas item is 50% off! The shoes at the time were also discounted (I actually purchased mine at a thrift store, the rest are wearing heals from Wetseal). Check out the information below to get your own!

Merry ChristmasHappy Holiday

Sweaters: ~$15 USD after 50% off

Leggings: ~$9 USD (regular priced)

Shoes: $14-25 USD depending on your choice! I included below the shoes that these ladies were wearing.



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