Why am I here?



Have you every felt unwanted… or perhaps that you don’t fit in?? Have you ever wondered what got you to this exact moment, a moment that you never wanted to be in? I have many times.

I remember thinking (um, I was probably in middle school) that everyone else had themselves and their lives figured out. They were beautiful, popular, full-of-themselves, and sometimes vain in my eyes. But then I learned that my peers were so like me! I learned that each person had their own trials, and that we truly were all in this together!! 

Having “learned my lesson” it’s embarrassing for me to admit, but sometimes I still find myself shocked to learn that other people have issues too. I was traveling for a school function a couple weeks back, when someone I thought had everything working in his life, shared his personal struggles with health. He had been on the brink of death only a few month prior to our conversation,when he learned that he had a SEVERE thyroid disorder that left him eating less than 17 grams of carbs a meal (just for a reference and medium apple has about 22 grams) and that he struggles everyday with feeling just decent. WHY do we judge people??? I felt awful for being so selfish! For not seeing these amazing people for who they were and their accomplishments, for instead assuming that they were the way they were becausethey are lucky” and assuming that I was the only one with “real” problems… I was definitely given a healthy dose of perspective and humble pie that day!

The photo above is a snip from a short clip about being a friend and not judging others – it’s AMAZING… and I might have gotten a little chocked up… “might” have.

Check it out and let me know what you think!



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