Graduation – Its Almost Here


Wow!! How the time has flown. I am currently finishing up my last week as an undergraduate – I graduate in only 6 days! Ahhh, I am soo very excited!!

Most of us pursue higher education because we feel it will help us grow as individuals, become better citizens, and over all be an enabling force in our pursuit of greater happiness. But, sometimes when we are in such institutions, we forget all this, and get bogged down as we find ourselves obsessing  about grades, overwhelmed by both social and academic pressures, become increasingly concerned about our future plans and the possibility of not making it to our desired next step…. have we lost sight of the journey? In the sometimes desperate pursuit of an elusive state of happiness, have we forgotten to be happy today

Friends – we don’t have to be so caught up in the pursuit of happiness that we forget to be happy TODAY, and EVERYday!! 

Some advice – at some point, chances are pretty good that you will strongly dislike (perhaps even hate) collegiate life and/or the major you have chosen. BUT, if you have a plan and truly feel good about it then REGARDLESS of what others may think or say  you just keep going – and if necessary hope for better days to come!! I have found that by so doing, eventually  the pieces of our lives do fall into place.

You’ve heard me say this before, but I want to share it again: “no matter where you find yourselves on the roller-coaster of life, don’t forget to be happy!”

The pursuit of happiness is what we wake up every morning to achieve, and go to bed every evening having done our best too achieve.

I wish all other graduates and individuals success and joy in their journey!!

Have a lovely day!

~Ashley M.


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