My FREE GIFT to You – Merry Christmas


Remember that sparkly beanie and longwear lipgloss that I’ve been raving about all week?? Well I purchased two more PLUS a deliciously scented lotion and a universally flattering matte lip stain! It could be YOURS – Merry Christmas!

Here’s the Deal comment and share by 11:59 pm MST (U.S.) Thursday the 16th your favorite/ best Christmas story (traditions, funny stories of Christmas day…) and I will randomly pick one Friday the 17th ( around afternoon). The individual selected, will receive the gift, AND their story will be posted on my blog!

 If you have any questions please leave a comment asking them, and I will get back to you ASAP.

Can’t wait to hear from you!! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Everyone!!!



  1. The way my family does Christmas is that everyone has to be awake and gathered in our living room before a single present can be opened. We all sit in our living room with the fire roaring and the fresh scent of pine from the tree, and then we then go around in a circle and open the presents one at a time, so that everyone can see what everyone else received. As you can imagine dragging all of my older siblings and parents out of their beds into the chilly December morning to open said presents can be quite a struggle, so I have a plan. My sister and I, the Christmas enthusiasts, always jump on my parents bed to wake them up on Christmas morning. We’ll sneak in at the crack of dawn and then jump on their bed screaming and making as much noise as possible for them to wake up, shouting “It’s Christmas! It’s Christmas!” They shoot awake and my mom yells alarmed, worrying that she is being attacked in her sleep, only to find her two, now adult daughters, staring down at her (rather innocently) from where we’ve been jumping on their bed. Frustration usually ensures… We are quickly kicked out of their room, and when they have locked the door behind us, we proceed to sing (LOUDLY… and in my case, off key) so that they can’t go back to sleep, and have to get up so that the present opening can begin… 😉

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