Hello!! I hope you all are having a wonderful Saturday?!

I took a break from studying earlier in the day, and went Christmas shopping with a couple friends. As you can tell we stopped by Ulta Beauty… again! Now that I’ve been its just fun to go and browse.

I know not all of you are students, but a lot of us (at least from time to time) have tight budgets. I’ve learned a few things from collegiate life about how to shop at a grocery store and wondered if the same principles held true for shopping at Ulta – turns out that they all worked-like-a-gem!

Here’s what I found:

bareminerals#1. The front and side walls of the store are the most expensive. These are the residence of top brand/ designer products. If you are looking to save money on basics, that (often) work as well as many designer brands, you will be shopping the middle of the store.

Now I will admit that at holidays – like Christmas – brands do discount their products and often provide a perfect little gift for the women in your life… however a Tartlet eye shadow pallet over $40 is not in the works for a lot of people, including myself.

Side note: I LOVE Tarte and the tartlet pallet (as well as the bareminerals gift sets in the picture!!) but its rather       expensive for the broke college student.


#2. Look down! Many brands pay to have stores place their products at eye level. This generally means that the best deals will be found lower on the shelf. Notice that this NYX lipstick is at the bottom of the shelf and discounted (really y’all these are $2 BEAUTIFUL lipsticks… which clearly is what I was looking for today).

#3. Sometimes (this one is admittedly hit or miss) asking the store associate what their favorite discount is that day, is sometimes very helpful. I like to follow it up with another question something along the lines of “Is that how you generally save money on ___” – on more than one occasion I have learned of a promotion that was about to run and would save me money on my desired product.

#4. Use an App. I have multiple apps on my phone that help me save money on products I am already purchasing! One that I generally like is the Ibota. The app is FREE! But I will warn you that only select items from particular stores are discounted, so I would recommend checking before you go! After shopping (when you know that there was a discount on that item) you go to the app and select the desired discount, then you scan in your receipt, and voila! The app will pay you the discounted amount! For example, if I found a $0.50 USD discount on kale and I had purchased Kale that day, I would select that coupon, scan in my receipt, and then my app account would show a deposit of 50 cents. Pretty awesome right??!

Have any advice about saving money at Ulta – or beauty stores in general?

Please comment and share!



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