Last Minute Gifts For Him – UNDER $20 USD

Hello everyone! As many know, I promised this post last week – soooo very sorry about that! I was finishing up the last week of finals at my university, and let me tell you, it was  rough!

Still I apologize!! Hopefully I can make it up to you all with this post! Any questions or comments? Please leave them below and I will get back to you asap Happy Holidays!

-The Avid Reader-

I have not personally read the whole book, but what I have read seems rather amazing!! I love this idea as a gift (this might actually be my favorite… but as an avid book reader… well, I am admittedly biased!)


Book for Christmas

– The Outdoorsman – Masks

My sister actually has a mask like this and LOVES it!! My younger brother has also hinted at wanting one for his outdoor adventures.These masks come in many colors (for instance: camo, creepy smiley faces, and three of solid black). They are designed to keep you warm up to 14 degrees Fahrenheit.

Note: If you are in one of the colder areas of the world (Idaho for instance is in the negative degrees Farenheit) you’ll likely have to pay a bit more at a store like REI, Columbia, or Cabellas  for a warmer version of this mask!).

Amazon Find:

outdoors -prime.PNG

Now lets be honest, this isn’t your top-of-the-line outdoorsman (or woman) kit. However for someone just starting out OR to break up and give as stocking suffers, this gift is a steal!! 16 Piece Gift Set

-The Roadtrip Enthusiast –


Groupon Find:

I can’t vouch for this specific brand of audio receivers, but I do have a similar one in my car and love it!! If you have unlimited data like I do, you can stream music via this device whenever you are in the car. That means no need to switch CD’s, no “staticy” radio stations, just your music! It’s a simple gift but a great one, and at only $10 who says you can’t get something else to go with it?? Audio Receiver

-The “Dapper” Man –

I have two different ideas for this one!



Men’s Grooming




Now this one is the GO-TO brand for not just the women in the family but ESPECIALLY the men. Great for sensitive skin and extremely dry skin, I would highly recommend this product – oh, and it last forever! Kielhs Shaving Cream


-The Bacon Lover – has some really great “manly-man” gifts (still don’t really understand what that means… but guys generally love the term!). Here is one of their less expensive ideas, that is still a neat gift for the bacon lover in your life!


Bacon Curing

-The Sentimentalist – 

Make their gift(s) personal at! Lots of stores (Walgreen’s, Walmart…) will do personalized gifts but this website is one of my favorites! It offers gifts that are more unique and still well priced. Also they offer 25% off on anything purchased today!!

General Link: Personal Creations




-The Golfer –


Every golfer needs a towel! If the men in your life like Nike as much as mine do, they would love a personalized towel like this one! Personalized Nike Golf Towel


Golf gloves!! Always a great gift. Make sure you know which hand your golfer prefers and their desired size before ordering! All Weather Golf Gloves


-The Beard/ Mustache Groomer –

Personally… not super into mustaches or beards. However I have plenty of friends and associates who are! If your man is into his beard/ mustache and needs a grooming kit, check out the nice ones below!


So what do you think?? Let me know below, and if you purchase one of these as a gift please let us know how that special man in your life liked it!

Beard & Stache Oil

Mustache Kit

Happy gift giving and Merry Christmas!! 😀




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