How to Shop Big –  Ann Taylor Loft

Who LOVES Ann Taylor LOFT??!  For those of you who may not be familiar, the LOFT specializes in business casual clothing (trending in the U.S.), and they have some beautiful pieces of COMFORTABLE clothing! One of my favorite aspects of their clothing is how figure flattering their pieces are. No matter you body type, the LOFT will have something great for you!

OK so how to shop BIG and spend NOTHING!!!

First, generally you are going to need to find a LOFT outlet store. When you have, you will walk in and head to the back corner of the store (usually the corner with the dressing rooms).Note you have to shop out of season. These items are generally listed as “Final Sale” items and will continually be discounted until they are all sold (thus, it pays to be patient!)


A quick note on timing, I won’t shop summer final clearances until after Christmas and generally January – EARLY February are the best times.

When you are in the back corner of your LOFT outlet store, look for the clearance and final sale items (your store might have these items in a different area, but generally back corner near dressing rooms is where you will find them). At this point you just sort through and see what you like. If you see a normally $49 shirt discounted for $14.88  and you were hoping to get it for less, make sure to get a price check before putting it back on the shelf!! Sometimes these items have been further discounted but a store employee accidentally failed to put the new sticker on the item.

Now that you’ve likely found amazing deals GET A COUPON!! Sometimes if you open a store credit card they give you a discount for that day (if desired, proceed at your own risk) but a lot of stores offer discounts just for subscribing to their online email list, I always recommend checking their websites, or if you are already a subscriber for that store, remember to check your email for discounts before you purchase! Also be aware of quantity discounts! In a retail stores these often looks something like, “spend $75+ and save and extra 15%.”

This is exactly how my sister and I shopped Big and Spent basically nothing at the LOFT!

The LOFT outlet offered a 15% off your purchase if you spent $75+ and we had a 10% off coupon that she had received via email for being a subscriber to their email list (see the receipt above to see how each discount was processed). That meant that a final sale shirt marked at $1.88 our final price became $1.44, and a final sale blouse priced at $7.88 became $6.03, and a pair of final sale pants marked at $4.88   became $3.73!!! Amazing amazing deal!

Let me show you some of what my sister and I purchased:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


NOTE: The black dress pants I purchased for work. They usually retail for $69.99 and were on sale for 24.99 but after the 10% and the 15% discount I got them for $19.00 (usually I would consider this price to be a bit high, buuut since I need them for work, I am fine with the $19!)

Want help shopping your favorite store? Let me know in the comments below.

Best wishes for your lovely day,

Ashley M.





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