Fish & Chips – Emerald City Style

In the Northwest we LOVE our fish – especially the salmon – and if you love fish and chips like I do you try every variety that you can (though being gluten free (NOT by choice) … can be an issue)!

Thanks to Buzzfeed, I decided to had over to the Emerald City Fish & Chips – their batter is GLUTEN free and so is the gumbo! I was SO excited to actually eat fish and chips again!! And guys it was good! The batter has a hint of lemon, the fish is fresh. I tried the fried cod, salmon, and the gumbo soup. I don’t love fried salmon so though I did think the salmon was good, I probably wouldn’t order it in the future. The cod fish and chips, gumbo and fries with the spicy tarter was AWESOME though!!

Loved this spot and would definitely recommend checking it out – also I hear the smoked salmon chowder is to die for (they only serve it on certain days though so make sure to check before going.)



Gumbo: A Tuesday Special


Wonderful flavor, not over done, and reasonably priced. Great stuff!

Fish and Chips to go:


Fish and Chips with Cajun Tarter Sauce (LOVED the fries too).


Next time you are in the Emerald City, check them out and let me know what you think!

Best wishes,

Ashley M.



  1. Great to meet you Ashley… Smiling, Laughing, hiking, camping, reading, dancing in the rain – I love all these so we share lots in common! Although on opposite sides of the Atlantic ocean, I also live in the ‘North West’ here in the UK in the not so sunny Manchester where we also love our ‘Fish and Chips’… I look forward to seeing lots more of you in 2017 and good luck with your blog! xx

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    1. Same here, it’s good to meet you!! How wonderful that you live in the NW of the UK, haha I can assure you that we are no sunnier over here… but for whatever reason we just can’t get enough, we love it! It’s probably those fish and chips ;D


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