2017 – THE PLAN

Hello wonderful people!

This is day 1 of 2017 and what a beautiful fresh start it has been! I enjoyed waking up to my alarm clock and knowing that today was a new beginning, an opportunity to do all the things I knew I needed to, and had previously said I would do but “later.” As we all know, when we say that we will do something “later” it likely means it will not get done. So in the spirit of a new start, and becoming a better, stronger, and more independent person this year, I started to make some goals and plans.

Here’s what I have:


1. Improve my Fiscal Responsibility:

-Watch my credit and debit accounts daily

-35% of income in savings (this means living rather humbly for a while, but I am up for that!)

  • Monthly budget (deciding how much I will spend on vacations and Christmas (with buffer), and including these figures in the buffer).

2: Have fun, and build skills and talents

-Quarterly trips; with one large trip a year (we are not just talking tourism, but I want to understand cultures and people around the world)

-Plan fun things to do each weekend – explore!

-Focus on developing a skill each month and set goals (daily and or weekly to achieve them.

3.) Put first things first

-Things I find most important needs to be done first in the day (exercise, scripture reading, attending family event…) to ensure that nothing else fills that time.

4.) Choose to be Healthy and Happy

-Exercise 40-60 minutes 4x a week

-Still eat healthy, but avoid eating before bed

-Avoid comparing self to others

-Attitude: “I exercise and eat well so that I can avoid disease and be strong.”

4.) Show Gratitude

-Keep a gratitude journal

  • must write 3 things you like about yourself, your day, and “tender mercies” that occurred that day.
  • Write and send thank you letters/ cards to those who deserve one!

5.) Be kind

-For whatever reason, I can be a bit short-tempered with some of my family members. This is INCREDIBLY sad to me because I adore them, and know that they love and adore me in return. I want to improve my language so others never doubt whether I love and appreciate them.

As you can see, much of what I want to work on includes planning and disciplining myself to live within that plan – I’ve got my work cutout for me (but I am excited!). Oh, and don’t worry, I promise to share any cool budgeting methods of spread sheets I come across!

What are some of your goals for this coming year? I’d love to hear them!

Best wishes,

Ashley M.









    1. That is definitely the culprit to most of our plans isn’t it!? I have found that keeping a list and the items (journal, pen, computer…) next to my bed and doing my “most important” things in the morning (if possible, before I get out of bed) helps a lot!! Best wishes on your resolutions – let us know how they are going 😀

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