Your Reality


My last semester of college, I had a friendly discussion with a professor. He believed that while anyone with enough work ethic could improve at anything, that not anyone could eventually do/ become anything – to a point I agree. My professor noted, that no matter how hard he tried he was never going to be as fast as Usain Bolt, and that while many of the best athletes in history – their stories of grit, persistence and success – are great, genetic testing found them to be part of the 1% of the population that had a larger more efficient heart (allowing them superior running ability). To him it seemed clear to him that genetics had a much stronger pull then straight grit – to a degree I agree.

But all of the sudden (it actually surprised me!) I blurted, “But you don’t know!! You don’t know by your height, weight, or ethnicity alone that you are NOT that 1%!!” This phrase rings in my ears today!

If the Lord has put in your heart a dream and a passion that surpasses what you think you can do, I would invite you to to jump! Go for it!!! Study and learn how others have done similar things, make measurable goals and plans to achieve them! Follow that dream, grow, and become who you can become, and help your community!

May you all get one+ steps closer to achieving your dreams this day!

Ashley M.

What are your thoughts?!!

Can we ever know without the grit and persistence whether we are that 1%?



  1. I watched a TEDtalk last year and it talked about how long it takes in practice to become good at something and then how long to become expert level. You can do anything you put your mind to. There’s no standard – height, weight and blah. If you want something, go for it!

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    1. I am with you!! I believe if you will pay ” your price” you can have/do just about anything. However I do believe that not every price is worth paying, especially if it jeopardizes something else of greater value!! Thank you for your thoughts!!! 😃💕

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