R&R ON Guemes Island

Hello lovely people!!

I APOLOGIZE for my lack of blogging! I have been moving into a new apartment, starting a new job, and my internet has been out the last couple of days! BUT everything is now figured out, and I am so excited to share my recent travels with you!


Isn’t this a BEAUTIFUL view??! Guemes Island is considered to be apart of the San Juan Islands – found off the coast of Northwest Washington (USA) – its a little Island with a small ferry, but for those of you seeking a little R&R time, Guemes is the perfect escape!

The island provides private homes, a few small resorts and general stores (the vegan, gluten free, and organic options!), as well as a few timeshares and cabins. Many of the homes are on the coast, and those that aren’t almost always have a beautiful view of the ocean and surrounding islands – not to mention the hot tubes on many porches!


If you are looking to rent a cabin or a home, right off the beach, I would recommend looking at two websites:

1.) guemesislandresort.com

2.) airbnb.com

There are many other options available, but these two are go to options for me. If you have a long weekend coming up, and want to spend sometime in the great NW I suggest checking out Guemes Island!

What is your favorite Island?? Ever been to Guemes? Please Share below!

Wishing you all a Loveliest of Days,

Ashley M.

More Pics:



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