Beauty Dupe – Jordana Sweet Creme Matte vs. Too Face Melted Matte

Happy Thrifty Thursday!!

I (like many of you ladies) like a good longwear red lipstick, and since I am heading to Paris in less than 3 months I am on the hunt for the perfect one! A friend of mine suggested I try Too Faced cosmetics, and when I was browsing Ulta Beauty I found their melted matte in the color “lady balls” – I LOVE love love this color!


Warning: matte lipsticks (in general, and including the Too Faced Melted Matte collection) are lipid soluble. Meaning they are going to stay on pretty well as you talk and drink your water which is nice, however, when you eat something with salad dressing or anything else that is “oily” your lipstick is going to come off… and you might just end up looking like the joker… so be careful!

Overall I really liked this lipstick… but it retails for about $21 which I thought was a bit pricey. So since I like a challenge, I decided to hunt at drugstores for a match that was $10 or less. At first, I tried the Revlon matte HD lipgloss and while I liked the color, I did NOT like the wear. This gloss usually retails for $7.99 (USD) and is definitely supposed to be a matte lipgloss and NOT the transfer resistant matte lip colors I am used to. I actually ended up returning this one.

But my second choice went much better! I loved the sweet creme matte liquid lip color from Jordana cosmetics! This color is Cherry Cobbler and was only 4.99! While the lip color was very pretty, it was also a little too light and orange to match the Too Faced product…. so back to the drug store!

At the store, I noticed a slightly bluer darker tone (again by Jordana) called “Red Velvet Cake” and decided to give this one a go – it was a SUCCESS!! Love this lipstick! It wears well, smells great, and is a perfect color match!! 

Have you tried this product??! What did you think? Please share below!

P.S. I am always taking suggestions for “dupes” if there is a product you love but want to find at a better price (or what have you) let me know – I love a challenge!!

Have a lovely day!

Ashley M.





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