DIY – Refurbished Kitchen Table

Hello Friends!

Welcome to this weeks “Thrifty Thursday” post 😀


If you are following me on Instagram, you know that I recently got my hands on a FREE 1960’s laminate kitchen table, and have been busy refurbishing it! I wanted a more vintage distressed top (so I chose white – it matches everything) with bluish grey legs (to pick up the grey tones around my apartment).

Here’s what I started with:

Its a nice laminate table, right? Not the cutest thing in the world, but it has a solid build and two removable leaves. To say the least I was thrilled to find this guy – and you can’t beat the price of FREE!!!

Since I have a small unfurnished apartment and my base colors are white and a slate grey. I knew I wanted the table top to be white, distressed, and have a brownish grey antique finish (still waiting for my oil based antique glaze to arrive!) so I headed to my local ACE Hardware store. Here I found a 2 for $6 on oil based primer + paint in “winter grey” (two bottles) for laminate and metal (I used the aerosol rust-oleum ones), as well as an oil based white with a satin finish.

NOTE: I don’t have a garage… so I bought sturdy tarps, sanding masks, turned off my heat for an hour and opened the doors and windows… this was admittedly a little rough, and I wouldn’t recommend it. But if you are careful this does work.

In order to get the most even coats of paint/primer I dissembled my table into its individual pieces. And then sprayed the white primer on the table and the paint+primer on the legs according to the instructions on the aerosol containers. If you use aerosols be CAREFUL! Make sure to use even strokes while spraying. If you miss a spot let the paint dry for a few minutes and then come back for another layer two. I did a total of three layers on all my table legs.


Now I am just waiting for my “antique stain” and wipe-on polyurethane to arrive and I will have a completed table – I will do a “Refurbished Kitchen Table – Update” when I completely finish!!

Any questions? Let me know! If you would like me to post more details please leave me a comment below.

Wishing you all a lovely rest of your week!!

Ashley M.



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