Corisica, France

Hello Friends!

Did you know that France has its own little Island??! Well it does!


This little beauty is situated on the Mediterranean sea off the coast of not only France but also Italy! I have always had a fascination for France – I loved studying the french language, foods, and culture. In my third year high school french class (forever ago) I had the opportunity of choosing a region of France to study. I chose Corsica (surprise!).

Now if you want to learn more about a city or region of a country I wouldn’t necessarily recommend writing a letter (…that’s a little old school) but find the info! Most city’s have plenty of information and suggestions for tourists. Searching “what to do in Corsica France” alone, will get you off to a great start!

That’s a little overview of this beautiful island – more to come!

Best wishes to all,

Ashley M.


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