Tourist Guide to Corsica, France

Happy Travel-Tuesday Everyone!!

So you want to travel Corsica huh? Well good! I haven’t been there myself but it is on my list… which means I’ve done a whole lot of studying! 😀


Let me share with you some of my top 6 sites to visit and things to do in Corsica (p.s. some helpful sites will be listed throughout!)

Outdoor Activities:

1.) Col de Bavella. Do you like hiking, rock climbing, or canyoning? Well this beautiful little “mountain” gives outdoors-men/women a beautiful look at the island and up close view of its “Notre Dame des Neiges” (Our lady of the snows).


Favorite- Foodie -Hole- in -the- Wall:

2.) U Casanu. This little restaurant was a top choice on Though only a “hole in the wall” it serves the kind of delicious food you would expect from France! Some of their menu items include home-cooked fish couscous, roast lamb, codfish aioli and fiadone – a classic Corsican cheesecake made with lemon (doesn’t that sound amazing??!)


To Do:

3.) Maison Bonaparte. This is one of the oldest estates of one of the oldest families to call Corsica home. The Maison Bonaparte was established in 1682.bonaparte.jpeg

4.) Palais Fesch-musée des beaux-arts. This is the premier fine arts museum of this small island. Finished in  1852, by the Corsican architect Frassato it had previously been established by the uncle of Napoleon the 1st’s uncle, cardinal Joseph Fesch whose birthplace was this beautiful island. Though museum contains mainly copies of fine art, it still offers guests a reminder of the beautiful creations from the early Italian/ Renascence periods, to the Napoleon Baroque.


5.) La Chapelle Imperiale. This beauty might only be open to the public during mass, but regardless of faith, might just be worth the religious service! This is a beautiful chapel originally built in 1860 and financed by both Napolean III and Cardinal Fesh.

Note: has even more great “know-before” notes on this find (it would seem that finding a proper mass time was difficult for some).

6.) Calvi Beach (near Port de Plaisance). Calvi is considered the BEST beach on all of Corsica! This beach features some of the finest white sand beaches, warm shallow waters (perfect for families and inexperienced swimmers!), restaurants, and sun umbrella beach rentals!

Note: notes that this beach does get rather crowded in the summer – something to keep in mind!

How about you??

Have you been to Corsica? What were some of your favorite Places??!

Can’t wait to hear about your adventures!!!

Ashley M.



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