Want to get deals on flights? πŸ™Œ

So you want deals? Well good!!! There are lots of GREAT ways to save on flights! 

Here are some of my top tips:

1.) Become an email subscriber. Discount flight websites often allow you to subscribe to a daily “deal of the day” email. Here’s one that came my way today-

That is $419 for a RT ticket to Paris!

2.) Get the app! Apps such as Skyscanner and V Flights allow you to “beat the airlines.” How? Well these guys refuse to give websites your location (flight prices are regional, and will increase with continual viewing). They also let you “watch” flights you are interested in. V flights is my newest flight apps, and it even offers AMAZING advice this this:

Note: one item I have to disagree with is that you should buy your tickets asap. Experience has taught me that flights are usually cheaper 1-2 months out (or when purchased as a mean-deal!). After the 1 month mark I whole heartedly agree – prices go through the roof!

3.) Be patient and play smart. Do you know other people who have flown where you are wanting to go? Ask them how much they paid and do some research. This will help you be patient and snatch the right deal!

4.) Don’t buy any flight without insurance!!! Travel insurance is one of those things that hopefully you won’t use but IF you have need of it… we’ll, it might just save your life and save you BIG!

5.) Cyber Monday’s. You’ve heard me talk about this one before but it’s been a “flight maker.” This is how I get most of my deals, and 8/10 times is when I  find the BEST deals on flights (national and international). This means that you are checking your apps, email, and discount sites on MONDAYS!!  I often will wake up a few mins earlier on Mondays so I can check flights! ✈️

Do you have any tips and tricks for finding great deals on flights??! If so please share!!! Can’t wait to hear! πŸ˜ƒ

πŸ’• Ashley M.



  1. Hey there! I read your response on the prior post but you deleted it so not sure my comment would have gone there! But no worries, it’s not your fault!! I was just shocked when I saw my post up there without any credits but she’s taken it down now so it’s fine. You are sweet and thank you for your compliments..glad you liked that post!! πŸ™‚


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  2. Try the Hopper App . I use it all the time to watch the fare rates change. Then when you think you have a great rate, look at Travelocity. I got my tickets to Athens super cheap this way. Count down to Athens—1 month from today!

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      1. i use Hopper to get my flight tickets down and AirBnB to get some great private apartments. Last year had a private apartment in the middle of Paris for 55/night across from Notre Dame and 2 blocks from the Louvre

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      2. I stayed in St. Denis, it wasnt that great but good enough just to sleep and close to everything. 19 Rue Saint-Denis
        Paris, Île-de-France 75001
        France with Slyvia. It was 5 flights up no elevator, reminded me of Cinderella’s attic. my apartment is much better. 2 bedrooms and at the foot of the Acropolis. It’s an awesome place. I hope it’s as good as the pictures and reviews. The Paris apartment was exactly what it said it was, I didn’t need much, but the Athens apartment is less expensive and supposedly bigger.

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