Learn a language totally free with duolingo!! 🦉

Happy weekend!!

Have you noticed the count down to Paris???! I only have 1.5 months left -I am DYING from excitement over here!

Though excited, I realized that, well… my French is no longer where it should be (a definite problem), so I decided it was time to look for a free app to help me study!!

I found this one – Duolingo!! I have been using it everyday for 10-15 mins and am thrilled!! It’s ALL free, very user friendly, and doesn’t just teach skills, but reminds you to review them too! LOVE THIS – and guys, it’s TOTALLY FREE!! That’s a refreshing change, right?? 

Duolingo also has something called “bots” – this is possibly my FAVORITE feature! Here’s an opportunity to practice your skills with a computer!! All the practice you could want – with none of the embarrassment!

I would highly recommend this app to anyone!!

Used duolingo before? Let us know what you thought/ think here!

🦉 Ashley M.


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