Staying active in the winter

Is it just me or is it sooo much harder to stay active in the winter??!

This week started out in the high 50’s with plenty of sun, and I thought to myself “Great! I can go on a long run this weekend!” but in true Idaho fashion … it snowed… for the three days after that. Since my run was out of the question,  I thought about hiking instead. Generally hiking in the winter requires snowshoes (or if you prefer, cross country ski’s). But after checking the weather I realized that there would only be about 3″ of snow in most places – meaning, that all I would need would be my snow boots! So I picked a moderately challenging hike that was just a couple miles long, and I was off!!

Let me tell you, I got GREAT exercise & enjoyed the outdoors while taking in some serious vitamin D!

 Looking for winter activities? Try a hike! If that’s not feasible, how about cross country skiing or snow shoeing?? Many areas rent both snow shoes and cross country ski’s for under $20 USD (and that’s for a full day!)

 I know it can be hard to stay active in the winter – BUT I promise, that it can also be a TON OF FUN!!!

What are you doing to stay active this winter??? Can’t wait to hear!!

Best wishes!

🗻🎿 Ashley M.


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