FRREEE Parisian Sight-Seeing How To!!


Hello Fellow Traveler’s!!

Have you seen my Paris Countdown? I am heading to Paris in just over a month – AHHHH!!! – I couldn’t be more excited! I’ve been planning this trip for  yeeaaarrrs.

Like many of you, I am not “loaded” with extra cash, so I thought I would share some of the FREE sights in one of the MOST EXPENSIVE tourists locations in the world – Paris!

Let’s get started 😀

To Start –> Many of the TOP museums in Paris have one day a month when they offer free admission to the public – that means, plan your trip AROUND these dates! Here are a few examples:

  • Museums Free on the 1st Sunday of Each Month: Orsay, Cluny, Quai Branly, and Delacroix.
    • Free the 1st Sunday between the months October-March: Le Louvre, Rodin, and the Arc de Triomphe.
    • Free the 1st Sunday of each month between November- March: Versailles
    • Museums that ALWAYS offer FREE ADMISSION: Carnavalet Museum (sadly this guy will be closed for a while),  and Victor Hugo’s home.


  •  Not all sights charge for entry – a nice change! Some of these include: Notre Dame (this is on the TOP of my list), Pere Lachaise Cemetery, the Deportation memorial, the Holocaust Memorial, Paris Plages <– entrance admitted summer only, St. La Defense mall, and the Sacre-Coeur Basilica.


  • Paris is also known for GLORIOUS parks! Don’t forget to check those out – Here are just a few: Luxembourg Garden, Champ de Mars (this is the official name of the beautiful green space under the Eiffel tower!), the Tuileries Garden, and MANY others! I would definitely recommend doing a google search of these beautiful spots! Also don’t forget – these make great picnic spots!


  • Don’t forget about outdoor promenades!! One that comes highly recommended, is on Paris’s Left Bank riverside, and goes from the Orsay to Pont de l’Alma (or vice versa).


Not just traveling with adults?

No problem! Most Museums allow children 4 years and under in for free. Other museums such as, the  Musée d’Orsay allow those who are 18 years and under in for free!

I hope this post inspires you to travel, and learn about other countries and cultures!!! Let’s live our dreams, spread love, and understanding across the globe! No matter your budget, with discipline and careful planning, travel can become a part of your life!

Bon Voyage!

Ashley Miller
Seize the Day, and Love YOUR Life

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