The #Ladyboss Guide to PARIS

Part 1: How to Get into TOP Tourists Sites for Free

Hello Friends! If you saw the post from this weekend (FRREEE Parisian Sight-Seeing How To!!) you are already on the ball, but regardless, I have more to share!!


Thanks to one of my blogger friends (LOVE you ladies and gentlemen) I learned a couple more tips and tricks to getting into top Parisian attractions for FREE (oh yeah, its actually possible!)

SO!! If you check out the French tourism website you will find that adults under the age of 26 years only have to pay the child’s reduced rate in order to gain access to Museums like Le Louvre. But better yet, on (most) Friday nights children (those under 26 years) are allowed access to the Louvre for free!!

Paris sightseeing for free?? Yes! keep this in mind, and remember that traveling doesn’t have to be expensive –> anyone can travel, so why can’t you? You can!!

As I learn more tips and tricks of planning your trip to France I will share it here. Any specific questions about navigating France?! Let me know and I’ll write other posts addressing your questions!!

Best wishes to all –

Bon Voyage!

P.s. Part II to come next Tuesday!


Ashley Miller

Seize the Day and Love YOUR Life



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