Fav’s – GF & Vegan Pies!! (3 min read)

Hello Friends and Fellow Travelers!!

Do you remember my Valentines post with the vegan/ GF Key Lime Pie?? Well I tried and liked the Key Lime Pie recipe!

My adjustments were very minor:

Adjustment #1:  Keep Pie in fridge well covered, and place in freezer ~ 1.5 hours before eating. Otherwise It “crystallizes” too much, which gives the pie a texture I didn’t appreciate.

Other than that the pie was DELICIOUS!!! Loved it and found it very simple, quick, and inexpensive to make! Soak the cashews the night before and you are good to go!

Since I enjoyed the Key Lime Pie so much I made a whole board of “VEGAN and delicious” pins on Pinterest, and chose the one that I LOVED the most! This Banana Cream Pie is a recipe is delicious, but here are a few tips!

Tip #1 – I used a pre-purchased gluten free/ vegan graham cracker crust from Walmart. I thought this was a DELICIOUS and fool proof touch. A lot of times Gluten Free crusts don’t hold up like I would like them too. This crust did great!

Tip #2 – If you aren’t eating the whole pie right away do NOT put banana slices on the TOP of the pie. Instead line the bottom of your crust and add them to your pudding mixture (after cooling). If desired, add banana slices to the top of EACH slice of pie immediately before being served. Banana’s brown quickly and take on a “muddy” flavor if allowed time to sit and oxidize.

bannana creme pie
The pie making magic!
slice of bannana
Absolutely delicious!! Even my non-GF-Vegan friends enjoyed these.

What questions can I answer?? Let me know! I would be happy to explain how I made these two pies – though rest assured that if I could do it SO can you!!

Happy Adventuring! 😀




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