Saint Patrick

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This has been my question for the last week! Just in case you are wondering too – here’s what saint Patrick’s day is all about!

First off – Saint Patrick was a real and rather inspiring individual. He was originally born in Britain but had foul luck and was kidnapped by Irish pirates at the sensitive age of 16 years, and sold as a slave in Ireland.

After about 6 years of hard labor and abuse, Patrick managed to escape his slave owner and return to his family in Britain. However he would not stay in Britain for long. After about 23 years Patrick headed back to Ireland because he felt strongly that God had called him to do so. He was originally a cleric in the catholic church, but eventually became a bishop, and is still known as the “Patron Saint of Ireland” and “Irish Apostle” to this day. The “Saint Patrick’s Day” that we are all preparing to celebrate come Friday was celebrated the March 17th before Patrick’s death (year unknown). Saint Patrick’s day is celebrated as both a cultural celebration of Ireland, as well as a religious holiday both inside and outside of Ireland!

st patrick

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day everyone!

Sending you shamrock wishes of good and fortune,

Ashley M.



    1. You know, I do have Irish roots but and I honestly had no idea what Saint Patrick’s Day was really about until this week when I did some research! I am sorry it took me so long, Saint Patrick has an amazing story! Happy Saint Patrick’s day – thank you for your kind comment, I am glad you were pleased!! 😀

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      1. You are welcome. You know it’s a great time to visit Ireland too. Great parades and parties in every town in Ireland. Dublin is the best known and the biggest but most towns are great to visit on that day. You should come…


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