Thrifty Thursday – Get The Look!

So you don’t know what you are wearing to that St. Patrick’s party tomorrow? Well I’ve got ideas!

The Look:

I went through my closet and headed to the local thrift store (one of my FAVORITE places) for something St. Patrick’s day worthy, and am THRILLED with the results!





Peplum Style Skirt: Thrift store find ($4!) and is made by one of my favorite brands MOBE. I am 5’6″ and am wearing a size small.

Black High-Low Crop top: This was a clearance buy from Forever 21 ($11). LOVE this shirt! It has pleather details around the next line as well as the wrists.

Black “Thalia Sodi” heals: My favorite heals!! The heal is 2.75″ (my MAX height) and has a snake-like detail on the backs, and an ankle strap to ensure that these beauties don’t fall off during your night. I bought these a couple months ago from Macy’s and got them on clearance for about $35.

Green-Clover Hat: this was a $1 purchase from the Dollar Tree! I hope that the Dollar Tree exists in other countries because it is AMAZING!

The Makeup:

I tried to keep this simple! Here’s how I completed this look:

1.) Foundation! I know a lot of people apply primer first… I’ve tried all the biggest names… and since I haven’t seen any difference I skip this step, but you do what works for you. I used my matte foundation (right now my favorite is “Stay Matte” by Rimmel London. The shade I used was #200, soft beige.)

2.) Blend with a damp beauty blender or sponge (I just used a beauty sponge).

3.) I put concealer on my lip and a base color on my lids. For my lids, I used Bare minerals eye-shadow in the color “Thank you.” This has an orange color, which is what I wanted. Then I portioned my lid into three sections, and did horizontal “stripes” of orange, white, and green – do these colors remind you of a particular flag?? 😉

4.) Curl lashes. I always do this before lining to ensure that my liner is not smudged.

5.)  Line – either gel or pen! I used a gel liner in the color “blackest black” by Maybelline (I LOVE this product), but you can use a liner pen, or another type of liquid liner. TIP: I pull the skin of my eyelids taunt using my thumb and index finger to get a smoother line. If you have any questions let me know I’ll give you more pointers. 🙂

6.) Apply lots of black mascara (or if you have a fairer complexion, brown or dark brown)!

7.) Use your liner brush (from the gel) and smudge some eyeliner on your lower lashes and blend up to your winged liner. I think this step really pulls the look together!

8.) Contour and blush! I used Mannakadar beauty contour and highlighter (love this!) For blush I used Clinique’s #14 “Iced Lotus.” Just use your fav it will look great!

9.) Last step! Now we finish off the look with lipstick. I think a bright lip would look great here… but for me personally, with such a heavy eye I prefer something lighter. I used Elf matte lipcolor in “Pecan” ($3) and then because it was a little too dark and brown I finished off with a watermelon lipgloss.

Voila you are finished… well with the makeup!



Anyone tried this method?? Well Today was my first day and it worked so well!! I blow dried my hair, then flipped my head over and hair sprayed all over (focusing on roots) I have very fine and flat hair and I wanted it to be big! After this I sectioned my hair like normal, but instead of using a tiny curling iron I used this round colored pencil and my straightener (I held the curling iron on each section for 5-10 seconds, depending on the thickness of the piece I had wrapped. I LOVED this method. Yes it took me about 30 mins to do my whole head, but I thought the results were amazing!


As you can tell by the pictures, I did my nails first but regardless of when you do your nails, they will look great! I wanted a simple design (nails aren’t my forte). So for polish I headed to my local Dollar Tree.

FullSizeRender (2)

Once there I headed to the nail section and grabbed the L.A. Colors Color Craze Polish (#530) in the color Meadow (gorgeous color!! I will definitely be wearing this often), as well as the Sassy + Chic 3N1 nail art pen! I first did 2 coats of the meadows nail polish, then I used the nail pen AFTER lots of practice on paper to make a striped pattern on all of my nails, and added crystals to my thumb nails. The photo shows only one crystal but I actually ended up doing a cluster of three. Love it!

And that’s it! Now you’ve got the look!

St. Patrick's Day (1)
This is one of my Pinterest pics! Are we following each other?? If not, that should change!

Any questions? Leave me a comment below!

What is your St. Patrick’s Look?? Can’t wait to hear!

Happy Adventuring,


 St. Patrick's Day (2)






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