Packing Like a #Ladyboss – How to Choose Outfits!

Struggling to decide which items to take on your next adventure?? I know I was!

Here are a few tips that helped me:

1.) Don’t pack anything with words. If you are going to a foreign country this piece of advice is critical! Words in another language quickly identifies you as a tourist… and while you likely are, you don’t want to make yourself the target of crime.

2.) Choose mainly neutral colors. I LOVE bold and bright colors as much as anyone, but often these items are harder to mix and match (which is likely what you will have to be doing on your trip). Pssst – choosing solids will also help you obtain more variety in your “travel wardrobe.”

3.) Pick a couple of “fun items.” These may include a favorite hair accessory, jacket, or a brightly colored clothing item. For me I like to mix up the types of items I bring. For instance, often times I will bring bright red shoes and some sort of coral top – but you pick YOUR favorites! 😀

4.) 1-2 Sweaters. Are you ALWAYS cold like me? If so consider bringing a sweater or two on your next trip. I try to make sure (again) that my sweaters are neutral and pattern-less so that they can be mixed and matched with as many different items as possible.

5.) Coat, Scarf, and hat. Like I mentioned, I get cold FAST…. buuut when you only have one carry-on one can’t take bulky items. Thankfully, in many cases a big coat is not needed. Try bringing instead, a medium/ light jacket that is STRONGLY water-resistant and has a hood. Then because on a rainy and windy day that wouldn’t be enough for me, I also make sure to bring a warm scarf and hat! These items are small and pack away easily when they are not being used – which means more space in your carry-on!

Note: my jacket has pockets, but if yours does not, consider bringing a pair of light gloves or mittens.


6.) Pants and Belts. Try to stick with 2 pairs of pants and maybe 1 belt! For me, I prefer black denim (… as you can tell from all of my pictures) and a simple black belt as I think a belt enhances every outfit. Since black goes with everything, and photographs well, black denim is an ESSENTIAL for me. For my second pair of pants, I will either pack a lighter khaki colored pant or a nice pair of dark/neutral leggings.

7.) Dresses and Tunic Tops. I usually go with 1-2 dresses and at least one tunic tops. Dresses make staying cool and looking “appropriate” possible. Like I’ve mentioned before, if you are touring any religious relic’s or cathedral’s often times they have strict dress codes! I try to keep two of these items neutral and I let one be colorful and patterned!

8.) Comfy shoes! I bring 1 pair (the other I will be wearing!) and do my best try ensure that one pair is slightly more formal. My favorite picks are oxfords (I love the BORN brand oxfords, super comfy), as well as Sketcher GoWalk’s.

On a tight budget?

Half of these clothes were purchased on HUGE end of the season clearances at LOFT and VanHeusen. The other half are from thrift stores! The black pants and belt were thrift finds, and together only cost me a total of $4 USD!!

Also (shout out to my friend Taylor Mobley, blogger behind “Blonde and Ambitious”) I have recently been introduced to the black tunic top (the last picture, I am holding out the flounce) is from them and I LOVE IT! This top somehow found its way to their clearance … and thus to my closet!

What outfits are you packing for your next trip?? Can’t wait to hear! 😀

Best Wishes to all & Happy Travels!





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