Thrifty Thursday – DIY Spotlight

Any one frustrated by shampoos and conditioners that are:

A. TOOO expensive

B. Either drying or leave your hair oily OR

C. Are FULL of chemicals?

I am too! When I ran out of conditioner this week I figured now was my time to make my own DEEP conditioning treatment. I decided to try doing a deep conditioning treatment once a week to see how that effects my hair and scalp – so far so good! I did some research and came up with the recipe below. I apply this treatment (concentrating on the ends) to dry hair either right before hopping into the shower, or for a more intense treatment, the night before (sleep in a shower cap to ensure that the oils don’t get all over your sheets). Once I wash my hair in the shower, I use my normal shampoo and condition. My hair has been more manageable and shiny since using this treatment – try it out (recipe below)!

DIY (1)
This is a great treatment for both men and women!


-6 TBS coconut oil

-1 TBS Crisco (I know – not natural, but it works WONDERS on dry Brittle hair, can use shea/ coco-butter instead).

-1 TBS Olive/ Jojoba Oil

-1-2 TBS Castile soap (fine hair, try 2 TBS’s)

-20-40 drops of your favorite essential oil

  • 4 vitamin E capsules, popped with oil released (helps to preserve the treatment)

Combine all ingredients in a small bowl and beat using a hand beater until the ingredients are well combined and creamy (3-5 mins). And voila! Now you have a beautiful hair treatment! Store in a mason jar and keep in your shower. Stays good up to 30 days!

What’s your favorite natural DIY? Please share in the comments below – Can’t wait to hear! 😀







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