CarpeDiem – This is why I Travel

So you want to travel the world, see its wonders, take lots of pictures, and brag to your friends about your new finds and experiences, huh?


Though these are great desires, if these are our main reasons for travel we are missing the “ticket” to the backdoor. In order to become a citizen of the world we have to dig deeper. Instead of only glancing at tourists sites, why not get a little closer to the native culture? Maybe stay in an airbnb, mainly/ only take public transportation, engage your waiter at dinner, or strike up a conversation with the person next to you on the subway. Learn who these people are! What makes them tick? What do they like? What are some of their unique cultural differences between you and them? What do you want to bring with you from their culture and etiquette that you want to add to that of your own?

Conscientious traveling is your ticket to becoming a citizen of the world. Conscious traveling doesn’t only make beautiful memories, it builds ties. Ties of trust, tolerance, and brother/sisterly kindness between nations. Couldn’t we use a bit more of that right now?

What do you think? What would you add to the above?





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