How’d We Do??

Hello Friends! My goodness it has been so long… I think about 2 weeks now since I have written! Have you ever traveled somewhere you dreamt about for years but never thought you’d ever get to go? If so I want to hear ALL ABOUT it!! So please, share via commenting below!

I literally just got back from mine! I spent a week traveling France with my Dad (so fun!) and spent sometime with my older brother and mom in Paris! It was hand’s down one of the MOST amazing experiences of my life – and I have SOOO much to share!

Here goes the theme for the next few weeks, “How’d we do?”

Focused on Do’s and Don’t: How to Save Yourself a Headache with TSA and Customs, How to “Airbnb Like a Pro” and so much more! Tune in tomorrow to learn a little more about French Culture, and particulary “What Not To Do in France.”

See you then!

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