Nice to meet you!


Hi, I’m Ashley! I am a diver, professional outdoors women, prima ballerina, chef, world traveler, doctor, and yogi… but as of yet… mainly just in my heart! 

What do I love?  Smiling, Laughing, hiking, camping, reading, dancing in the rain (when its not too cold), spending time with family, learning, TRAVELING, eating yummy food, and just LOVING LIFE!!

I currently live in Idaho. I recently graduated with a Bachelors degree in Biology from Brigham Young University – Idaho, where I currently work as an adjunct professor in the biology department.


I am LOVING the break from “the grind” commonly referred to as academia, and am taking this opportunity to travel AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! Join my journey – and share yours!! Let’s seize our day and love our lives together!!

Bon Voyage! 😀